Some Stats and Figures on Trade Shows in the US

The US has seen a meteoric rise in the number of trade shows in the last few years with a virtual renaissance in the complexity and technology utilized in creating eye-catching and lead generating trade show exhibits. In fact, as many as 99% of the exhibitors may find unique business opportunities from these trade shows and the numbers will prove how effective these trade shows have been in the recent past.


One of the main reasons why trade shows have grown over the years is that both the attendees and the exhibitors get a chance to know each other. They have a face-to-face conversation that helps the exhibitors to know what the customers actually want and how they can improve on their business activities. Let’s talk numbers from the perspective of the exhibitors.

Importance of trade shows in the US for exhibitors

Recent reports show that 88% of the exhibitors participate in the US trade shows in order to make potential customers aware of their company and brand existence in the market. There are numerous companies that do not have enough money to advertise their brand on a large scale. Trade shows have come as a welcome change for them so that they can interact with a lot of potential customers and tell them about the products and services that their company offers.

In addition to creating a brand presence, there are almost 72% who participate in these trade shows to get new leads or new customers for their company. Trade shows are attended by thousands of customers who can become new leads to your business. If they are impressed by the product and service that your company offers, they may become permanent customers. These trade shows are like a one-time opportunity where you have to be at your best to impress the customers in order to gain their confidence.

Apart from these two reasons, 65% companies want to have a face-to-face conversation with the existing customers. Getting new customers should never be the only objective of a company; they also have to keep the current customers happy. Trade shows are the best to learn about the suggestions of the existing customers. It also helps to know what the customers expect from the company so that you can work on those things to satisfy the customers better.

Cost roundup

Trade shows are much more effective than conducting a separate face-to-face conversation with the customers. It is assumed that if customers have a face-to-face discussion with the company executives separately, it will cost about $259 whereas the cost of a face-to-face conversation in a trade show cuts down that cost to just $142. That is another reason why there is a rush for most companies to appear in trade shows in the US. From the perspective of the attendees, this is the easiest way to contact the company executives directly; otherwise, you would have had to wait for days or weeks to get an appointment. So, it not only saves money for the companies that attend the trade shows but saves money for the attendees as well because after all, saving time is saving money.

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