Dentist, Is cosmetic dentistry safe?

The World Wide Web is teeming with blogs and videos on cosmetic dentistry procedures. From ordinary people to famous Hollywood stars, it seems everyone has become addicted to revamping their smiles. True enough, if you look at before and after images of patients who underwent smile makeovers it will, without doubt, make your jaw drop in disbelief!

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way. As the industry takes advantage of science, technology, and research, cosmetic dentists are very much capable of altering your smile and improving your self-confidence. Despite the number of patients claiming that cosmetic dentistry has changed their lives there are still many people who have reservations and qualms about cosmetic dentistry. One of their worries is safety. Is cosmetic dentistry safe? Let’s find out.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Before we answer that questions, let’s first understand what cosmetic dentistry is. Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile through cosmetic dental procedures. Most patients who hope to have their smile brighter and their teeth straighten turn to cosmetic dentistry.

Some of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures include Invisalign (clear, removable aligner trays that are designed to correct mild to moderate teeth misalignment), professional teeth whitening (to remove stubborn tooth stains and yellow discoloration), veneers (to improve the overall appearance of your teeth), dental implants (to permanently replace missing teeth through surgery), same-day dental crowns (to correct worn down enamel, decay, chips, and cracks and to strengthen the integrity of your teeth) and orthodontic treatments like braces (to address overlapping, crooked and crowded teeth).

Generally, dental cosmetic procedures are done in a dental clinic. The type of procedure you’ll need as well as the duration of the treatment and the cost will depend on your needs and the complexity of your case. Rumors claim that cosmetic dentistry is only exclusive to the rich and famous. There is no truth to this. There are actually several dental cosmetic procedures that have competitive and reasonable rates.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?

The number one question people want to know is if their oral health or general wellbeing will be at risk or in danger once they engage in cosmetic dentistry. The answer is no as long as you choose a licensed, qualified, and experienced cosmetic dentist. Like any other procedure, there will be risks involved. For example, dental implant surgery. All surgeries have their own fair share of risks and dental implant surgery is not an exception. However, if you choose a qualified oral surgeon to do the job the risks are minimal.

Not all dental cosmetic procedures are suitable for you. You may not qualify for some of them. This is why before treating you, your cosmetic dentist will first require an initial consultation to learn about your concerns, goals, medical and dental history, and your current overall health. The results of this interview will allow your cosmetic dentist to gather relevant pieces of information about you and design a treatment plan that is bespoke to your unique needs.

The safety of dental cosmetics relies on the type of cosmetic dentist you choose. We recommend you take your time to find a cosmetic dentist with vast experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Check their credentials, affiliations and go through the galleries of before and after images of their work to see if you like the outcome of their treatments. It also helps to check their website if it’s well-established and transparent and read about customer feedback and reviews online.


Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just going to improve your smile, it will also improve your oral functionality. So if you ask us, it’s a pretty good investment. But remember, find a good cosmetic dentist to do it.

Dr. Gerald Regni
Dr. Gerald Regni
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