Benefits of Control Logix Training

Being able to work with Control Logix lands somewhere between art form and science. It’s a valuable skill in certain sectors, especially manufacturing, but it’s not so widespread that it’s taught in many schools, if at all. So, there is demand for professionals who are proficient in it but not a formal educational path that produces such members of the workforce.

That leaves it up to companies and individual professionals alike to fill in the gaps and connect the dots with Control Logix training. If you run a company and you’re thinking about offering PLC training to your staff, there are numerous advantages listed out below as to how you can stand to benefit. Likewise, if you’re a professional considering going through training on your own, there are still benefits of Control Logix training you can enjoy at an individual level.

If your company were to offer Control Logix training to its employees, you should only be thinking about saving money, saving more money, and then saving even more money.

The first way in which you’ll save money is by possibly reducing the overtime you’re shelling out for the people you have right now already trained in Control Logix. If you find yourself short on them, the ones you do have are likely logging far more hours than they should. Two full-timers eating up dozens of hours of overtime each week could see their workload done cheaper by three professionals who don’t hit overtime. At first, just train enough of your staff to wipe out the more expensive overtime payroll in favor of labor hours that are much cheaper.

The second way Control Logix training is beneficial to your company is saving money on hiring. The labor market for such professionals is far thinner in supply than it is in demand, which means benefits and wages you have to pay to attract such talent can prove exorbitant. When you provide the training in house to your own staff, you can generate your own workforce for much cheaper. Those that successfully complete the training and get promoted into the appropriate positions will still likely command higher wages and benefits than you currently give them, but given how they’re already working for you and because you trained them, they are likely to accept something less than market rate in consideration of the fact they won’t have to job hunt and possibly relocate.

The third way you can save money is through quality control. When you do your own training, everyone is on the same page regardless of any training they might have had somewhere else. Less mistakes and consistent standards mean less waste.

If you are a professional looking for work in the Control Logix field, then training in it can put the education and skills on your resume that get you interviews, and job offers. You might be looking into the field because you know there is demand for such professionals, but you can’t take advantage of great pay, benefits, and low competition if you’re not qualified yourself. It’s certainly possible to join a company that offers its own training as a route to success in the field. However, if you get training on your own, then you’re a viable candidate for companies that don’t do their own training. They have to rely on hiring from outside, meaning you can enjoy more job opportunities as well as the better wages that should come with being a part of a small inventory of highly demanded professionals.

Now that you have read this article, you know what advantages Control Logix training can provide either your business or yourself as a professional. Consider your opportunities carefully and pursue all the ones that make sense to