Different Types of Police Aircraft and How They Catch Speeding Motorists

If you have ever been pulled over by a police officer for speeding, yet you did not see a police car while you are driving, you are likely clocked from up above. There are police aircraft that go up and down the freeways, looking for people that are surpassing the speed limit. This is a tactic that is used to control the speed at which people drive on our highways that has been very successful. You may have seen signs that tell you that the highways are policed by planes from up above, and this is a reality that many people have experienced. There are different types of police aircraft that are used for this purpose. Let’s discuss what they are, and how they are able to determine what your speed is so as to contact a police officer on the ground that can pull you over.

Different Types of Police Aircraft

There are several different types of aircraft that police will use for a wide variety of reasons. They are used for different reasons such as observations, ground support, and traffic control. They are also very helpful in search and rescue missions, as well as high-speed car pursuits. The larger the city, the higher the number of police aircraft that will be utilized. Some of the types that they use will include a rotary wing aircraft, a nonrigid wing aircraft, and the common fixed wing aircraft. They also have what are called lighter than air aircraft, as well as small drones, that can be used for many different purposes.

What Is the Most Common Type Of Police Aircraft Used For Speeders?

The most common type of aerial deterrent for speeders is a rotary wing aircraft. This is more commonly called a helicopter. They are fully equipped with surveillance equipment which will include FLIR, night vision, radar, surveillance cameras, and loudspeaker systems. They also use special radio systems that can quickly connect them with officers on the ground. They will have searchlights, wenches, cables, and even teargas dispensers for situations that will require this type of activity. For people that are speeding, they often use what is commonly referred to as a gun device, a device that uses a laser that can determine your speed very quickly. These are controlled either manually, or automatically, to determine how fast you are going while driving on roads and freeways.

What Is the Most Common Device That Is Used?

Radar guns are the most common device used to catch speeders. It is equipped with a radio transmitter that will send out oscillating waves at a very specific frequency. This is transmitted forward and based upon two separate calculations that are computed within seconds, they can tell how fast a vehicle is going. Although the ones that are used in helicopters extrapolate this data differently from above, it is the same technology that is used. The difference is that the vehicle is now below them, instead of coming at them, and they will use what is called VASCAR. It will compare the speed at which a vehicle is moving between two fixed objects, and using what is called a mean volume theorem, they can almost instantly determine your speed.

As technology continues to improve, they will likely have more intricate devices designed. In fact, VASCAR is often used where radar guns are not legal in certain areas. Although this is technology that was developed in the 1960s, it does not mean that science is not moving forward with what could be an even more accurate way of determining speed. As long as the police continue to monitor drivers from the air, you need to be aware that you could be pulled over if you are speeding, even if you have a radar detector. Even if you do not see signs that your particular roadway is being monitored by aerial craft, it is simply better to follow the speed limits to avoid a potential ticket knowing that this technology is in use today.